Konami Classics Volume 1 – Xbox 360

Konami Classics Volume 1 – Xbox 360

Konami Classics Volume 1 - Xbox 360

  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – 2D action adventure that catapulted Castlevania into a new realm of open-ended gameplay with RPG elements
  • Frogger – One of the most popular arcade games of all time with additional bonuses from the original version
  • Super Contra – Expand the Contra experience with this sequel to the original title within the series as Bill and Lance battle the alien onslaught once again

Keep it old school and re-capture the golden age of gaming with ‘Konami Classics Vol. 1.’ Featuring a popular collection of some of the most recognized brands in video game history, ‘Konami Classics’ will include the original Super Contra, Frogger and Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Each game features the ability to be played in its original state, or in an enhanced mode with upgraded Hi-Def support at 720p along with a special graphics improvement filter resulting in smoother visual game quality. Re-live gaming glory with these timeless retro compilation packs!

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 27.95

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