Monopoly and Life

Monopoly and Life

Monopoly and Life

  • Buy, sell, trade and manage famous Monopoly properties
  • Play with animated Monopoly tokens, 3-D dice and customized game backgrounds
  • Explore Monopoly “House Rules” to play with a twist
  • Play the classic Game of Life at your own pace
  • Choose your Game of Life avatar and car color; Live it up in 3-D gameplay


Everybody remembers Monopoly, that’s why it’s still the most popular, most widely played, and best-selling board game in the world! Across the generations and around the globe, what other game brings back so many memories of wheeling-and-dealing family fun’ No other game has turned so many game playing moments into memories! Whether you’re discovering the fun for the first time or reliving the carefree days of youth, get out there and Buy! Sell! Mortgage! Build houses and hotels! And collect those rents!


In this classic game of fortune, your goal is to dodge bad luck and make a buck. Along the way, you’ll also earn valuable Life Tiles by doing good deeds, helping your community, or just taking a break from the rat race! Retire with the biggest fortune, and you’ll win! Each space is a different adventure, so you’ll get a whole new Life every time you play. What does Life have in store for you’ Take a spin and find out!

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 3.95

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